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CBD Softgels

CBD Softgels are the easiest way to get the healing power of organic CBD oil into your body. You can also get organic CBD oils in CBD Capsules or CBD Gel Caps. I prefer liquid extracts rather than dried powders in capsule form because CBD in oil form is the most potent form and easiest for your body to absorb. You can get them with pure CBD oil or full spectrum CBD softgels. They are sometimes blended with turmeric curcumin for enhanced pain relief or inflammation or melatonin for insomnia relief.


There are full spectrum CBD capsules as well as pure CBD capsules (CBD isolate), with varying strengths. You can get anywhere from 10 mg to 200 mg per capsule or softgel and up to 6000 mg per bottle for deep pain relief or the help your body fight off cancer tumors. There are specific CBD formulas that are enhanced with essential oils for pain relief, insomnia, or anxiety relief. And they work better than anything else since CBD became legal.


CBD Oil vs Capsules


CBD Capsules vs Oil

What are the benefits of CBD Capsules vs Oil? They are also the most convenient because you can take them with you without worrying that you bottle will accidentally leak if it is not sealed the way you think it is. It can be frustrating when you have a full bottle of high quality CBD oil that has leaked all over the other things in your bag or purse. Not a problem with CBD softgels or capsules. Capsules or Softgels are more convenient than CBD oils but take a few minutes longer to be absorbed as they have to travel through your digestive system unless absorb the CBD Gel Cap under your tongue.


CBD capsules benefits are also that they are exact dosages, with oils and tinctures you can sometimes get a little less or more as it's harder to measure with precision. I regularly use both; I use organic CBD tinctures at home, and I have some Organic CBD softgels in my gym bag that I can use when I'm on the go and need a little pain relief or stress relief and relaxation no matter where I'm at. The organic CBD oil I use (Organic 5000 mg CBD Tincture) has the best absorption because you can use CBD oil sublingually so it mostly bypasses your stomach acid and gets into your bloodstream quickest.


best CBD capsules


Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules are the most common type of CBD softgels (EMPE Organic CBD Liquid Capsules pictured above) or capsules you will find. They are the most powerful and contain the most healing benefits because it has the whole spectrum of CBD cannabinoids (the active ingredients) that unlock the numerous CBD receptors in your body. They are usually the most affordable as they are in their natural form. Get Yours for 25% off with promo code: EMPE25 at the above link.


You can get organic full spectrum CBD softgels or capsules in dosages per gel cap between 10 mg to 200 mg and total CBD per bottle of 500 to 6,000 for severe pain relief or cancer healing. Always opt for organic CBD full spectrum capsules or gel caps because the hemp plant it is made from easily absorbs the nutrients in the soil, and inorganic CBD will concentrate the pesticides and other harmful chemicals including GMO hemp (they are now genetically engineering hemp) that can cause severe health problems!



CBD Isolate Capsules

CBD Isolate Capsules also known as Pure CBD capsules are only the CBD spectrum of cannabinoids, without other types like CBDA or THC which can cause problems if you get tested for substances like THC. The CBD oil in the pure CBD Isolate capsules is clear, whereas full spectrum CBD Oil Capsules are usually a greenish color because it has the full array of hemp extracts rather than a highly purified CBD Oil. CBDistillery makes a high dosage CBD Pure softgels (like the Organic CBD Isolate Capsules pictured above), for severe pain relief or for those dealing with cancer or cancer treatments. Get yours for 15% off with promo code: holistic15 at the above link.


If you have any allergies to THC, then you will want to get CBD Isolate softgels because it is tested to be completely THC free 0.0% whereas CBD full spectrum oils have usually about 0.03% which can show up on certain medical tests. They are both powerful with very little side effects other than drowsiness at the highest dosages like the 200 mg capsules.


CBD for pain relief


Best CBD Capsules for Pain

What is the best Best CBD Capsules for Pain relief? It depends on how much pain you are currently in, and if it is acute (temporary as in an injury) or chronic (like in arthritis.) For acute temporary pain that can be higher on a scale from 1 to 10 then I recommend the full spectrum  600mg Organica CBD Capsules pictured in the full spectrum CBD Capsules at the bottom of this page) because each capsule or gel cap has 25 mg of organic CBD oil and you can take one capsule for every 3 points on a pain scale per serving.


They work when nothing else does. When you get to doses around 200 mg (like the Pure CBD Isolate capsules pictured in the section above) then you may have a side effect of feeling a little drowsy as cannabinoids are a natural mind and muscle relaxer. You can also use a CBD with Curcumin or Turmeric extract capsule as they are the 2 best natural anti-inflammatories and pain relievers on the planet, both are non-addictive and ultra effective!


CBD with Curcumin


CBD with Turmeric

CBD with Turmeric is a powerful combination for chronic inflammation or pain relief. Turmeric or Curcumin (the active ingredient) is what NSAIDS like Aleve are mimicked from. However Curcumin is more powerful with no side effects, unlike the chemical based synthetic anti-inflammatory pain relievers.  Organic CBD with Curcumin (pictured above) gives you the pain relief and healing from organic CBD oil combined with the most powerful organic curcumin extract in the exact ratios needed for superior inflammation and pain relief. Get Yours for 15% off with promo code: holistic15 at the above link.


I regularly use turmeric extract and CBD softgels separately so it is a real blessing to have them together in doses that are tested for pain relief and healing. They work really well for those suffering from arthritis and joint pain. They are safe for people of all ages and even your loving pets! They can even help you relax and get a better nights sleep, although there is a specific formula for insomniacs, shown below.



CBD Softgels for Sleep

Best CBD Softgels for Sleep are CBD Softgels (night formula) using 10 mg CBD, the best sleep herbs and melatonin. This is a clean natural sleep aid that will get you to sleep quickly and allow you sleep uninterrupted for 7 hours. It helps you when you need to be sure to get a good night's sleep, see: CBD for Sleep (pictured above.) If you have chronic insomnia, it is highly recommended and can help you fall and stay asleep so you wake up fully rested and ready for whatever you want to do the next day.


Using CBD capsules for sleep or insomnia relief is one of the best uses of CBD oil, because it is a natural mind and muscle relaxer. The CBD softgels make it easy to take with you wherever you go, without having to measure or guess if you're getting the right dose. Sleep is so important, so I don't take chances with not being able to get a good night's rest and CBD is actually healing to your whole body and totally non-addictive!


CBD Softgels


Best CBD Oil Capsules

So which are the Best CBD Oil Capsules? Unless you want them for a specific issue like insomnia, then I highly recommend the Organica CBD Capsules (pictured above) because they are full spectrum CBD softgels with the fully array of healing cannabinoids in an non-GMO, organic CBD extract. This is highly important because they are now genetically engineering cannabis and hemp plants and the GMO extract are full of chemicals and pesticides which are causing very ill effects on the people who are taking them. Use organic CBD oils because you are wanting better health and healing, not worse.


You will feel so much better taking these natural organic CBD softgels than prescription medicines or even over the counter pain relievers and sleep aids that can be addictive and cause serious problems to your liver, stomach and other organs. It is just no longer necessary now that organic CBD oils and capsules are legal in all 50 states. Choose the best CBD softgels or capsules (at the dosage you need) for your individual needs or get the ones I personally use and recommend here: Organica CBD Capsules !

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